Hi! My name is Chasity Dix
Life Coach
Hello there! Thanks so much for checking out my website. I tend to be long-winded and I like a good story, so I’m tempted to tell you all the details of my life. Here’s the quick summary: I’m a divorced mom of two amazing kids and I’ve spent years diving into new adventures and pursuing different opportunities, trying to find work I’m truly passionate about so I can live the life of my dreams. After years of searching, I’m happy to have discovered that coaching is what I am meant to be doing. Now I wake up, excited as fuck that I get to support my clients in crafting the life of their dreams as well!
Me as a coach: How does it feel to be told that deep down you already have all the answers you need? As your coach, it’s my job to entice those answers to the top by listening deeply and asking powerful questions to reveal what it is that you really want. We’ve all been conditioned to follow the rules and put others’ wants and needs before our own, so it can be challenging for us to decide if the choice that feels right for us is really the right choice to be made. My goal as a coach is to help my clients to live in sync with their values, and to let go of the idea that they’re not enough. This is especially hard for adults with ADHD, as we are more likely to struggle with things like imposter syndrome, rejection sensitive dysphoria, shame, and other limiting beliefs than most neurotypical people. While I love working with people with ADHD, we will not solely be focusing on ADHD in our coaching. I coach you as a whole person, not just one area of your life, because it’s really all connected. I may coach you on leadership, relationships, personal development, communication, or just help you to make a hard decision that you’ve been struggling with, regardless of what the topic is. We talk about the various struggles you’re dealing with and I help you break it all down into pieces that feel manageable, so you make forward movement and see an impact right away.
How did I prepare to become a coach? Friends and family told me for years that I would make a great therapist or coach. It took me a while to ruminate on the idea and decide which path was best for me, but I finally enrolled at the Institute for Life Coach Training to begin my journey of becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). To date I have completed 85 hours of coach training with more to come. I am a global member of the International Coaching Federation and as a member of the ICF, I am committed to upholding their high standards of ethics in the field of coaching. Outside of my coach training I also have a lot of life experience that is incredibly valuable when working with people from all walks of life. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, was a founding member and leader in my sorority, and even went on to be a travelling leadership consultant for our national organization (basically coaching collegiate women across the country on how to be the best version of themselves and uphold the values of our national organization as individuals, and within the chapter). I have worked at law firms, real estate offices, and have been an entrepreneur in one way or another since 2012. I am a mom, a divorceé, an adult navigating life with ADHD, and a woman dedicated to healing from my childhood trauma. I have experience ignoring my own dreams and desires because they felt selfish, pretending that I don’t have needs, pushing down my feelings, and avoiding hard conversations. Thankfully, I also have experience making difficult changes to my life in order to live in an authentic way that brings me joy and makes me proud of myself, so I feel confident in supporting my clients in doing the same.
Me and ADHD My parents first suspected I had ADHD when I was in high school. They took me to a doctor who didn’t ask any questions or run any tests, he just told me to take these meds to see if they helped. My parents weren’t very supportive in this area, so I could never remember to take my pills (this was before we all had cell phones with alarms), they never pushed it and never took me back to the doctor. Throughout college and early adulthood I would sometimes think it was likely I had ADHD, but I wasn’t really sure because I honestly didn’t know much about it. When I thought about ADHD I mostly thought about hyperactive kids who can’t sit still and won’t listen to anyone. We knew a kid with ADHD when I was growing up and my family jokingly called him “wild child,” and that just didn’t feel like me. Fast forward to when I was 35 years old and a friend posted something on Facebook that completely blew my mind. You can check it out here. From there I did a deep dive into what ADHD looks like for adults, specifically women, and I was absolutely floored to find out that I had almost all of the symptoms that were mentioned, and have had them since I was a child. You know what’s really great? When I read all these lists of symptoms, I didn’t feel any shame for these being almost perfect descriptions of me. Instead, I felt so much relief. I’m not lazy! I had adopted that label for myself years ago and to find out that what I experience is completely normal for those with ADHD has been music to my ears! My brain is not broken, it’s just wired differently, and there are millions of other people out there who are struggling with the same things as me, putting on a mask every single day, trying to blend in and make people believe that we’ve got our shit together just like they do. You know what else I know to be true? I’m a fucking badass. I have a laundry list of amazing qualities about myself, a ton of things that I’m good at, and a burning desire to keep learning, growing, and evolving into the best version of myself."
What People Are Saying
Chasity’s infectious optimism and enthusiasm for coaching makes sessions with her not only incredibly valuable, but genuinely enjoyable. There’s a saying in the coaching world, “Every coach needs a coach,” and it’s so true. Chasity offers excellent insight and suggestions when clients get stuck and ask for guidance, but very much gives them control of their sessions, as an effective coach should. She’s helped me create systems that work with my ADHD, not against it, and as a result I’m seeing major growth in my own coaching business. She’s helped me follow my business ideas and offered clarity and amazing insights when I’ve gotten stuck. She doesn’t do the work for you; she guides you to the place you want to be by asking intelligent, effective questions. Chasity is patient, kind, and empathetic, and offers so many tools, resources, and insights to overcome obstacles. I leave every session feeling a renewed sense of confidence and motivation, excited about the growth goals we’ve figured out together.
Deana Tanner Coach at Practical Polyamory Coaching

I used to be pretty skeptical of coaches. What purpose do they serve and why would I ever need one? Chasity proved her value before I even hired her. Her unique knowledge, experience, and willingness to have uncomfortable conversations has pushed me to make choices that have changed my life for the better. She helped me determine for myself what I want from my journey and pushed me to set and meet my goals. Weekly meetings with Chasity are like a big hit of serotonin – I walk away feeling stable, joyful, and motivated. Investing in yourself is always worth it, and making the choice to invest in yourself with the help of Chasity will payoff tenfold.
Amanda M. Working Mom & Grad School Student

Chasity coached me for several months regarding starting my coaching business. With her coaching, I was able to identify mindsets that I didn’t realize were blocking me from building my business. As a trained life coach myself, initially I was skeptical that I would get much from coaching with someone else that I couldn’t figure out on my own. Yet Chasity’s third level listening skills, non-judgmental evocative questioning, and her requests for forward action led to more personal growth than I could have imagined. I am well on my way to building my business! Thank you, Chasity.
Lisa M. Hazlett Burton Coach at Hazlett Burton Life Coaching

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