Chasity Dix

Cultivating Clarity

I help people with ADHD move past overwhelm, self-doubt, and inaction, so you’re able to break down your goals into manageable bits and finally feel fucking great about the life you’re living.
1:1 Coaching
My classic 1:1 coaching container is where my clients get the most focused attention from me. We work together so you get crystal clear on what it is you really want, what is standing in your way, and what it would take to get you where you want to be. We partner together and come up with goals you feel good about and work through feelings of doubt, fear, insecurity, not-enoughness, or just feeling stuck. I support you as you practice being more courageous and lean more into living as your fully authentic self and step into the life you were meant to live.
Hybrid Coaching
Hybrid coaching combines group coaching and 1:1 coaching into a beautiful mastermind of people who are excited to learn from and support each other. You'll have the ccombined energy, experience, and wisdom from everyone else in the group, which typically results in greater self-awareness and achievement, as well as individual one-on-one support from me in order to cultivate clarity and gain more momentum toward toward your goals.
Chasity Dix
Life Coach
As your coach, I am not the expert, I am your partner. You are the expert on your life and I support you as you wrestle with new ideas, set goals, and work through the challenges that are holding you back from fully living the life you desire. I absolutely love working with adults with ADHD because they're my people, but I have the skills and life experience to coach you through just about anything, ADHD related or not. I coach you as a whole person, not just one area of your life, because it’s really all connected. We talk about the various struggles you’re dealing with and I help you break it all down into pieces that feel manageable, so you make forward movement and see an impact right away. I’m especially passionate about making sure you always remember that you are enough and that your ideas and dreams are worth pursuing, so you can fully step into living a life that brings you joy.

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